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Team building is getting more and more essential

Team building is getting more and more essential.

You build people, and then people will build the business for you. A massive competition and rapid changing world by far has come to a time that require a company or business to own multiple skills and effort, more importantly certain characters in order to strive for better ideas, better works-in-progress, better outcome.

The New Definition of “ Team ” What you and I understand the laymen terms about team, is no longer a numbers of people, nor a group of people who are having same skills or same mindset, however is a collaboration of dynamic effort to standout, a groups of passion and compassion characters, a team of people who have strong heart and flexible minds, a team with each people playing what they are good or enjoy at about, eventually a team is about to be able to cope up and grow up with each other, pushing efforts to goal.

Many company were just having numbers of people that are not considered a team. A team require certain core elements to be realized and formed up. That core elements including time, experience, and training. Time is time, that is the most fundamental thing to get everything to process. When it is ready, let the time take place.

Experience is gained through joy and pain of failure and achievement inside one career.

It is a thing we call it "go with the flow", which is out of your control. What we can assure about, the only thing we are allowed to control, a progress that we can see or witness for some result, is a progress of training.

A good team, could be born out of a progress of continuous training. Be particularly, the training is about " team building in progress. "

Time + Experience + Training = Team Building in Progress When it comes to hiring, a funny thing about human resource nowadays in a company, is either a very much over-defined job scope, or a job scope that is hardly defined.

“ Probably let say a company is hiring an admin, admin is basically a hand of a company handling papers works, to ensure the procedures and complying to standard operation procedures, which is a very important back end job, is it enough for an admins to only handle those job scope I mention?

1970 perhaps, 2017 a big NO. Because the SOP is largely widened, the paper works are very much digitalized, there communication skills require for admin to understand the need between the management and marketing and human resource and sales and finance and the thinking of the board of directors and so on, or even to at least, to be able to cope with a busy-packed scheduled general manager. ”

Therefore, when you try to scroll for a job over job street, you may catch a sense that, a big company is defining a job scope largely cover in one area, or a new startup is focus of hiring someone who has volatile and flexible, independent personality.

What does all this mean? It means, you need a team. Without a team, a company can no longer go big.

The challenge comes, does most of the company know how to train a team? Not really. Almost all company has a same story of how they start. A founder spot a chance, a chance is explored, during exploration growth happen, they start hiring, and to be big, things getting systematic, and system boost growth further, more people hired, and people are hired based on scope.

And after years of time, things getting into more traditional, vision are unable to deliver down to the bottom, employee turnover, leadership not set in place, communication breakdown, low creativity, conflict and eventually negative aura cause to low working morale.

The entire progress takes all company to grow through. Company has a life, just like a human being. A team define how quality the company 's life about. Hence, to build a team, start now.

Start Now, to Build Your Team A continuous effort of building the Team do not equal to a guaranteed success. However, it is certainly one of the biggest element contributing to success comes from team building factors.

So, what is team building all about? Simple as it means, a team building is about developing a group of people from personal and team aspect.

Personal wise, allow them to identify their personal SWOT, (re-engage their strength, develop their weakness, discover their talent, and awareness of threats/continuous improvement), personal management etc.

Team wise, to increase and improve both the importance and practicality of collaboration, communication, coordination; engage vision and mission of the company into their team spirit, and most importantly, setting up a goal getting and reward system.

Team building being a crucial part which eventually like all other success components lead to organizational ecosystem.


RUN SOLUTION, in 2017 with a strong motto on " People - Focus ", is dedicate to introduce their new Team Building Program.

The best learning and building progress is always effectively goes to a solid series of program, under the guidance of good coach.

Our Team Building Program Our program included more than 40 type of outdoor activities that drives participant to maximum exciting physical potential, in the same time our unique indoor programs empower the possibilities and potency in people.

“ All our activities are assuredly team base. Our uniquely designed in/outdoor programs are both personal and team involved. No one is left out. We are confidently deliver our powerful program and content, in order to achieve the company's goal. Not only to cover what is mentioned earlier above, sometimes beyond expectation. ”

We engage with powerful quality trainer and coach, together with a series of programs that are able to customized in order to engage to goal, stimulating better result.

Meanwhile offering the basic team package like company outing, trip hunting, games and group activities, we have designed a whole new level of team building program ranked from fundamental team building to hardcore leadership program.

The new level of team building program drives better, stronger, and more effective result direct impact to company.

Upon reflection and realization, through our programs we inject session of cross sharing, input energy and passion, shape up characters through soft issue-handle process, to illuminate the culture of appreciation and so on.

Our dedicating crew in the same time serve with heart, to ensure the needy for a training environment are being well taken care of.

LIST OF ACTIVITIES Water warriors Warrior on the raft Sumo on the tube Number on the water Pyramid in the water Amazing Race Obstacle Challenge Trust Island Island Hopping Octopus Ring Whale Watch Trainer Profile We own our very experience, with specialty of strength on one to one Coach, who program and expert in carry out more than 40 outdoor activities with great learning.

For indoor, we also own an excellent team building trainer who has conducted with more than 200 over team building session, who is great in achieving team building purpose and personal management.

In a nutshell, a million dollar question is raised to a CEO, "what in fact is actually crucial for a company to be success? " Product and services? Marketing and management? An open minded CEO will tells you, "arise your employees, awake their spirit, and achieve their goal, it gives your company undoubtedly the greatest building blocks."

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